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    Star Coaching Classes

    STAR COACHING CLASSES Offers Best Coaching for upto SSLC-all subjects, I & II PUC (PCMB, Accountancy, Business Maths, Statistics, English) B.COM, BBM (Mangalore / KSOU), Corporate Accounting, Coasting Business Taxation, Statistics Business Maths, Financial Management, (Separate Class Facility available for Girls.). Best Coaching For-CAT / MAT / CACPT / CET / BANKING EXAM / PCMB / NCOM / BBM / One Sitting SSLC / PUC / DEGREE.

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    Star Educational Tutorials

    Star Tutorials offer Direct SSLC (Kannada / English) and Direct II PUC (Science / Commerce / Arts) Full day classes will be commencing from 1st June of every year. We also offer vacation / regular Tuition Classes upto SSLC (all subjects) I &II PUC (PCMB, ACCOUNTANCY, STATISTICS, BUSINESS MATHS, BUSINESS TAXATION, COASTING, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT) Separate class facility available for ladies

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    Computer Class & Accounting

    Star Institute of Computer Education Offers various computer and accounting course developed by the Manipal Computer Academy (A Unit of Manipal Academy of Health & Education). Courses include as follows.. *DCA *HDCA *DOA *DTP *DIFA-FOREIGN *DIFA-STC *PGDIFA *HDIFA *DIFA * HDIFA. Post Graduate Diploma Financial Accts * Accounting Concepts, (Professional) * Manual accounting * Construction accounting-Manual / Computer * Manufacture accounting-Manual / Computer * Industrial Accounting-Manual / Computer * Hotel Accounting-Manual / Computer * Trading Co, Account- Manual / Computer Project * Tally Accounting-Day Book * Wings Accounting-Stock * Peach tree Accounting-Payroll * Stock Report-FIFO, LIFO and AVERAGE Method * Taxation-IT, VAT, CST, TDS, ST, PT and Quarterly & Yearly return file * Excel Accounting Project-Loan Project * Communication and leadership skill * Personal Development & Management skill English & Arabic Spoken Training Class Higher Diploma In Industrial Financial Accounting * Accounting concepts (industrial) * manual Accounts (Industrial) * Trading Accounting in Industrial Field * Industrial Accounting Project-Computer * Manufacturing Account in Industrial Field * Peach tree Industrial Accounting

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    Star English Training Academy

    SETA- (Star English Training Academy) SETA offers effective spoken English Courses for students, employees, house wives, so that they shall be able to read, write and speak English within 2-3 months. Course contents Refreshing Grammar, Reading Skills, Listening Skills, Interactive Classes, Facing Interviews, Mock Sessions, Personality Development, Group Activities, enhancing stage performance etc. Separate Class facility available for ladies.

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    Star Arabic Spoken Classes

    * Writing * Reading * Speaking Arabic * Typing Arabic